Saturday, September 25, 2010

La Merce

Another few weeks of my study abroad experience have slipped by. The time is going by incredibly fast, and I now sit here a bit begrudginly, forcing myself to take a (probably much need) break from this weekend's festivities in Barcelona. The festival of "La Merce," Barcelona's most historic and arguably most fun, has descended upon the city. The city is afire with street performers, concerts, and both traditional and modern celebration. Barcelona is one big party this weekend, and there are masses of tourists who have descended upon the city to catch a glimpse of the revelry.
I've seen some wild sites, like the Castiellers or "human towers," which soar to over six stories tall as they tremble and quake waiting for the pint sized top of the structure to shimmy up the backs of their fellow builders, for just long enough to salute the crowd, and slide right back down the tower.
The opening ceremonies, along with most of the other festivities, include huge, dancing dancing kings, queens, and other plaster characters. Then for some reason people dressed as dragons and devils literally run through the streets blowing fire at the crowd. Children were screaming and there was general panic in the crowd, mixed with merry absurdity. The Spanish are thrill seekers to say the least.
I also went to a Goldfrapp concert last night (free-the best part) and a wild light show in a park that was a techno-lover's dream.
La Merce is still going strong, tonight involves people being lit on fire and running through the streets. We'll see how that goes.

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